Leicester Lawn Care

In addition to our usual garden and grounds maintenance, we also provide specialist lawn care services. Our Leicester lawn care services include applying the appropriate fertiliser, targeted herbicide and moss treatment. We can ensure your lawn looks healthy and weed free all year round. We usually provide these services to our existing maintenance customers as an additional service to their grounds maintenance.

Our Specialist Lawn Care Services

Standard service:

  • Spring treatment
  • Summer treatment
  • Autumn/Winter treatment

Additional Services upon request:

  • Hollow tine aeration
  • Scarifying

Additional Services

Hollow Tine Aeration: We use a machine that creates hundreds of cavities in the lawn by removing small plugs of soil. This helps improve growing conditions allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This process is much more effective than just spiking the lawn and reduces soil compaction.

Scarifying: This removes dead organic matter on the surface and sub surface known as thatch. This helps improve growing conditions for the grass allowing airflow, nutrients and moisture to reach the grass roots. Scarifying also removes a great deal of moss from the lawn surface.

Leicester Lawn Care
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