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About Us

Leicester Gardening Services Ltd is owned by the Graham family that have been involved with gardening for many years. The business was originally started by Mark Graham, who had a personal interest in gardens and horticulture. His Hobby eventually started to grow in to a successful business as family and friends started to ask him to maintain their gardens. Word quickly spread of his gardening knowledge and determination to do a good job! Within a few short months as a result of recommendations and word of mouth, he gained a number of customers. Soon after, his son Jordan Graham joined the growing business!

Down to this day we are continuing Mark’s example and following his determination to do a good job. We are doing the job we love, and take real pride in maintaining our customers garden. We feel it’s important to provide a reliable and efficient service to all our client’s. We believe business is about building a good relationship with our customers and providing a quality service at the best price.