June 2017 Gardening Advice

Here is our June 2017 gardening advice. We are right in the thick of the busy season. There is miles of hedges to trim and acres of grass to cut. The main problem at this time of year is the weeds that seem to appear from nowhere. You don’t have to resort to weedkiller to control weeds, all you need is a decent hoe for controlling weeds in borders. Run a hoe over the beds and borders to lift and displace small weeds. It’s best to hoe on a dry day so the weeds can dry out on the surface of the borders. Use a weeding knife to remove weeds in between slabs and block paving. You can also strim down weeds with a strimmer to remove weeds from hard surfaces. Make sure to wear full protective equipment when using a strimmer.

It has also been quite a warm, dry month so far. Remember to keep pots watered during dry spells. It’s best to water pots and plants either early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid evaporation. Lawns can also start to look brown and parched during dry spells. Keep your lawn well irrigated for a lush, green healthy grass. It’s just as important as mowing your lawn.

For a beautiful garden, you need to keep those flowers blooming. Dead head summer bedding plants and annual perennials to keep your garden flush with plenty of colour. Deadheading encourages plants to focus on producing new flower heads rather producing seeds. See what the Royal horticultural society has to say on deadheading plants.

Did you know, we are experienced gardeners working across Leicestershire? If you are having trouble with weeds or require some advise from an established, local company. Don’t hesitate to visit our contact page and get in touch with us. We are Leicester Gardening Services¬†Limited, the leading garden and grounds maintenance company serving Leicestershire.

June 2017 Gardening Advice
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