Leicester Salt Gritting

Keep your site protected this winter by ensuring your car park and pathways are free from the ice and frost. Our Leicester salt gritting services are available to commercial clients on two types of contract options.

Option 1, Pay as you go.
We provide you with a fixed cost per visit, meaning you only pay for the exact services you receive.

Option 2, Fixed price.
We provide you with the total cost for the winter season to keep your site protected however many visits you receive, so you know exactly what your paying.

Snow Clearance.
Along with our gritting quotation we also provide you with a fixed cost per snow clearance call out.

Questions About Our Salt Gritting Services

How do you know when to grit our premises?
We monitor the weather conditions using our road surface temperature forecasting tool. Gritting is automatically scheduled when there is a risk of ice, frost or snow.

When does your gritting contracts start and finish?
Our winter gritting season starts on 1st November until the end of March each year, although contracts can be extended at short notice depending on weather conditions.

What time do you start gritting?
We typically provide our services between 6pm – 7am at night.

What type of salt grit do you use?
We use pure white marine salt to minimise staining. Rock salt is mined from the ground and is a dark brown in colour which can stain. Marine salt is more effective than rock salt and we feel it’s benefits far outweigh the fact it’s slightly more expensive.

Reducing the risk of accidents

Accidents increase during the Autumn and winter months. One of the reasons for this is due to an increased risk of ice and snow. To reduce the risk of slips, trips and accidents, you need to assess the risk and manage it. Employing a salt gritting contractor can be a cost effective method of reducing the risk associated with ice and snow. Remember it’s an employers duty to protect the welfare of their employees and others people who might be effected by their business. For further information regarding reducing the risk during the autumn and winter months visit:¬†http://www.hse.gov.uk/logistics/slips-trips-bad-weather.htm#gritting

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