April 2017 Gardening Advice

The growing season is well under way and here is our April 2017 Gardening advice. The grass cutting season is in full swing, we recommend at least fortnightly grass cutting at this time of year. If you feed your lawn or use a lawn care company, we recommend weekly mowing. Why? Most lawn feed contains a lot of nitrogen which makes your lawn look lush and green, which looks great. One side effect when using nitrogen is that it causes vigorous, thick growth. If your considering using lawn feed or a lawn care company, make sure to keep mowing at least weekly or you may find it a struggle to cut your grass.

Feed hungry shrubs and roses

Shrubs and roses generally don’t need a lot of feed, but an annual feed in spring can only do them good ready for the season ahead. Most shrubs are certainly not demanding and a general purpose fertiliser will do the trick. Feeding with 50-100g per square metre is just fine. For more advice on how to look after your shrubs this year visit the RHS shrubs page.

Prune fig trees

Although fig trees are native to the Mediterranean, planted in the right spot and with proper care fig trees grow excellent here in the UK. Fig trees can grow quite large if not kept under control. If your fig tree is getting a little out of hand make sure to cut off any secondary branches (branches that are growing from the main branches). Also prune any branches that are getting too close to the main trunk which will not produce the best fruit. Next, prune the main branches by one third or by one quarter. This step will help your fig tree put more energy in to producing bigger, sweeter fruit. For more information visit the RHS fig tree page.

If you would like more advice on maintaining your garden this year or would like a gardening company to help you out. Visit our Leicester Gardening Services page.

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