Autumn Leaf Clearance In 2018

Here at LGS we are getting ready for the big autumn leaf clearance in 2018. We’ve had a fantastic sunny summer and now the season is drawing to a close. You might think now is the time our work starts to slow down. Wrong! Throughout October and November temperatures are warm enough for the grass to still keep growing while the leaves keep falling. This creates a lot of work for us and for gardeners across the country.

How to clear autumn leaves?

At LGS we are clearing tons of leaves over large areas. One of our biggest customer has over 8 acres of gardens surrounded by trees. That’s a lot of leaves to clear! We have found the best way at clearing leaves is by using a powerful leaf blower. We blow the leaves into large piles and collect them into large builders sacks. Once collected, we take them to a registered composting site. We are commonly asked, why don’t we use a leaf vacuum? When leaves are damp or wet, we find that leaf vacuums are generally not powerful enough to collect leaves.

Thinking of buying your own leaf blower? We recommend buying a stihl leaf blower for the toughest leaf clearance tasks. On a budget? You could try a domestic leaf blower.

Why is leaf clearance important?

Leaf clearance is important to keep your lawns healthy. Fallen leaves left on the ground can suffocate lawns stopping air and sunlight from reaching the grass. This makes lawns more susceptible to disease and bare patches. It’s also important to clear leaves from paths and patio’s. Many of our customers have leaf clearance for heath and safety reasons. Wet leaves can be slippery, causing a dangerous slip hazard. A build up of leaves can also cause moss to form on lawns and paths.

Our leaf clearance service

In autumn, our leaf clearance service is a huge part of our garden services in Leicester. We have the required leaf blowers and experience needed to effectively clear large areas of fallen leaves. We also provide leaf clearance for commercial customer as part of of our grounds maintenance in Leicester. If you would like a quote for leaf clearance, visit our contact page and complete the contact form.

autumn leaf clearance in 2018
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