Checkland Kindleysides Grounds Maintenance

We are now approved as Checkland Kindleysides grounds maintenance contractor! Leicester gardening services is establishing itself as a premium grounds maintenance solution. We were approached by premium design company, Checkland Kindleysides to provide grounds maintenance at their head office based in Cossington, Leicestershire. Their purpose built facility was built to welcome the most important guests in the fashion and retain industry. They have designed for world renowned brands such as, Adidas, Bentley, Levi and Timberland. We are proud to be providing our services for such a prestigious design company.

checkland kindleysides grounds maintenance

Why Choose us

We were entrusted to provide grounds maintenance after their previous arrangements had let them down. We were tasked to raise the gardens to a high standard that reflected their core value of quality. After their previous arrangements let them down, we had to prove that we are reliable and the trusted solution for their needs. Their in house team vetted our company and we had to provide references from other high-end clients. We have been working hard to raise the standard of their grounds and proved ourselves a trusted contractor they can rely on.

Leicester Grounds Maintenance

Like checkland Kindleysides, do you have important clients visiting your premises? Maybe you feel your grounds don’t reflect the quality of the services you provide? We are your solution! We have become accustomed to working alongside premium companies that want a quality service they can trust. We are no ordinary contractor. We believe in working with you to achieve your desired goals. From classic striped lawns to colourful planting schemes, we know how to make your premises look posh. We make it our goal to make you proud to welcome visitors and important guests. Visit our Leicester grounds maintenance page for more information on the services we provide.